It is said that the three biggest stresses one faces in life are death, a new job and moving.  Well I certainly can understand that!  Last year we moved towns and that was very stressful, the month I had to pack up to move I started a new job.  I honestly thought I was going … More Moving…

Get your children involved in housework and try make it fun

Here are some easy steps to get your children to help you as a parent around the house … Make Their Bed It’s not difficult to  smooth the sheets and pull the duvet straight and prop up the pillows.   After all, they are the ones who sleep in the bed.  It doesn’t have to … More Get your children involved in housework and try make it fun


What do we really know? What do we really know about childhood illnesses in general?  I for one can’t remember when I had German measles, Mumps and Chickenpox etc. as it was so long ago when I was a child.  I actually got chickenpox twice, not common to get it twice, but not rare either. … More Chickenpox

Paper Mache Helmet

When my daughter was sick at home with chickenpox and got bored.  Because as you remember, chickenpox only makes little ones sick for a short period and then they just have spots and all the energy but nowhere to go, as they are not allowed to go to school or out in public. What better … More Paper Mache Helmet