Should, Would & Could…

3 famous last words…. should, would and could.  Add to that by saying …

I should have….


I would have….


I could have…..

and now finish those sentences.

Often we go through our day and are faced with these 3 words along the way.  I should have not shouted at my child like that for knocking over that glass bottle.  I would have not been late if that old person in front of me wasn’t going 40km in a 60km zone that I would normally travel 80km…shhh!. Or what about, I could have helped that old lady with her shopping bags, but I was running late.

Have you ever noticed that we generally go around blaming others for our shortcomings or things that go wrong in our lives?

Regrets, regrets, regrets…. We all have them, it’s up to us if we let them cripple us or learn from them.

After the passing of my father in November 2013, I find myself regretting not getting hold of him more or spending more time with him.  I wish I could hear his voice one more time and tell him that I love him and that I appreciate him.


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