It is said that the three biggest stresses one faces in life are death, a new job and moving.  Well I certainly can understand that!  Last year we moved towns and that was very stressful, the month I had to pack up to move I started a new job.  I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack my stress levels were so high.

My husband had to go on ahead to start his new position so I was left to do it along with my then 9 year old daughter who was busy with school play and assessments.  I’m so thankful for my special friend Noreen and my mother-in-law who helped me pack up towards the end when time was running out.  But… we did it and got to the other side all in one piece.

Well, a year later we decide to move again due to many reasons and that just sent shivers down my spine, I just wanted to run away.  But we successfully moved again and I’m so happy now, we stay in the most awesome place with breathtaking views.  Sometimes the turmoil and uncomfortable situations we find ourselves in are stepping stones to a much better place 🙂

This is the awesome view that greeting me this morning when I woke up…

It’s to beautiful not to share…

I am grateful every day for a new dawn.  The key to happiness is not in wealth but in an attitude of gratitude!



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