Great Lunch Box Ideas

When it comes to making up a lunch box for my daughter to take to school, it has always been a difficult task.  Since we are not a bread or gluten eating family and have a daughter who is allergic to soya, it pretty much narrows it down.  She is also fussy which doesn’t help.  “Mom I don’t want boiled eggs or tuna salad, they smell and I don’t want my lunch box to smell!”  hahaha, I totally agree though, I didn’t take them to work either, because of the turned up noses of your colleagues questioning ‘What’s that smell?”

So…. what do I put in that little box of hers???

I have taken a few random pics of lunch boxes that I have made up for her over the last little while.  Here they are….. there is no excuse for unimaginative lunch boxes.  And just incase you think I don’t give her anything to drink, I give her water, good old H²O.

She is happy now 🙂


Kingsburgh-20130212-00488 Kingsburgh-20130218-00545Kingsburgh-20130130-00342Kingsburgh-20130219-00567
Kingsburgh-20130219-00568 Kingsburgh-20130221-00611


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